Developing Your 4th Quarter Fundraising Gameplan

Although we are clearly past the last the fourth quarter of 2013, I believe a lot of these insights can still serve us well in the first quarter of 2014 and beyond. Some of you may have heard of Urban Youth Workers Inst. which was founded and is lead by Dr. Larry Acosta, who is the one facilitating this video (check’em out here So I hope it blesses you and your fundraising efforts! Please share, tweet and post this link with anyone else you may think this can help. Till next time guys please keep me posted if you have any other resources, articles, etc. that I should share via this blog. Thanks in advance.

All The Best,
– @BrotherJnyc

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Why I started this blog…


Multicultural Ministry within the urban context can be very complex and challenging to say the least.  We know it can also be one of the most satisfying callings anyone can have in reaching the lost for Christ.  Many of us find ourselves searching for practical answers to tough questions on a number of topics, including; fundraising, volunteer training, & board development just to name a few. But come up short on finding them, so my goal with this blog at the advisement of a good friend, is to provide an online community where such questions can be asked and answered by us and for us.  A safe place to share insights and strategies that we have either learned from trial & error or like me through seasoned urban leaders.  I will also list resources online and off that can be helpful. I’ll strive to act as a conduit to you all as readers of the multicultural ministry resources I come across on my own journey for answers and best practices. With that said I am not writing this as an expert on the matter but more as someone in the process of figuring it out like many of you. Ultimately I hope this blog will serve as a resource to you and can be a blessing for anyone within multicultural ministry seeking answers and community.

Peace & Grace, 

J.L. Escobar 


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